Ueno Park II

We went to Ueno Park hoping for cherry blossoms, though we were barely at the start of the season; it wasn’t heavy bloom by any means, but we did find some great trees towards the end of our park stroll. And we also got to see the hoopla that I’m sure ensued just 1-3 weeks after our trip – a ton of spots had been marked out for food stalls and tourist info and the like, all along the main entry to the park.


Even their manhole covers were a fall of blossoms!


Plus they had this charming cherry blossom mascot plastered everywhere in all these different cute poses. This is the evolution of me looking for cherry blossoms in the park, as told in cute mascot images.

1. HEY! Where are all the cherry blossoms?!

2. I’m holding a grudge, Japan. I know it’s not full bloom yet, but NOTHING?

3. Wait! What is that in the distance?  IMG_9334

4. Yeah, look over there! To your left!

5. I am in heaven. This is my cherry blossom dreamland.IMG_9329

SUPER SAKURA to the rescue!!


The trees in bloom were few and far between, but the ones that were “ready” were spectacular. Drink it in!


IMG_9343 IMG_9346 IMG_9352 IMG_9367

We had limited time before our train to Kyoto, but we decided if we race-walked there, we could take another quick trip to Senso-ji Temple. This was great because we got to see it at a moment of near absolute calm, the total opposite of what we saw the afternoon before. We also had a chance to get the stamp in our temple book, which was impossible on our first visit. Further race-walking back to our hostel, then we grabbed our stuff and headed to the train station for our bullet train south. The day was so foggy that you couldn’t even see the lowest foothill in the distance, so there is no way we could have seen Fuji on the trip (which people always talk about). It made me even more grateful for the clear skies we had in Hakone.


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