Robot Restaurant/Show

My work colleague casually mentioned the Robot Restaurant to me a few days before we left for Japan. As in – we missed this thing, but friends of ours saw this thing, you might want to add this thing to your list. So I jumped online, got some tickets, and added them to my stack of print-outs and lists for the trip (I am old-fashioned that way, no surprise to anyone who has read my blog before). So at the end of a very long day of cruising around Tokyo, visiting at least 4 neighborhoods, using at least 6 metro lines, walking at least 8 miles, we headed on over to East Shinjuku for the Robot Extravaganza. The only normal thing about the evening was that they provided a bento box for dinner, along with a free drink. Everything else was insane – from the waiting area/bar, to the stairs down to the theatre, to the design of the performance/audience space, to the show itself, which included: robot/manga girl battles, floats the width of the room, dancing and drumming showgirls, wall-sized screens, an animatronic snake, and more. Below are a bunch of photos I snapped during the entertainment, plus some videos we got going down the stairs and during the performance. (The second video is sideways and I couldn’t change it, so just adjust head accordingly.)


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