Call Box Restoration Project

I have not written a blog post in so long that I forgot my WordPress username. Yikes. I kind of thought my blogging days were over (as evidenced by the months of silence on here…) It’s not like I’ve been idle – far from it – but I haven’t felt compelled to share thoughts online about anything I’ve been doing, despite the fact that it involved travel to a lot of different places for both work and play. Last week, though, I saw something really cool! Well, I saw a lot of really cool things, but this ONE thing really stuck with me. When I was looking back through photos on my camera, I came across this one and once again thought – dang! THIS is SO cool! And this morning I realized it was even cool enough to make me want to write a blog post. So (t)here you have it.

I was in DC, and I saw this random little piece of public art in an old call box.


It was right on the corner by our hotel, so I passed it multiple times. I think the first time I commented on it being cool, without slowing down much. The second time I stopped and examined it and was charmed. There’s even a little person silhouetted in the front door! The third time, I walked past the back of it and saw the information there, and took a quick shot so I could look up the website later if so inclined.


And here is the website for the Call Box Restoration Project. I wish I’d known about it before so I could have visited other boxes! Next time I’m in DC, I know what’s on the docket…and it isn’t lunch with my senator. I’m going to get out
my map!


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