Rio and photos

Anyone who follows this blog knows I tend to exhaustively photograph my travels, but this trip was different from most I’ve taken before. I was with other people nearly the entire time…a huge departure from my typical solo international jaunts. Rather than observing the experience and the city as I wandered about on my own, I was just enjoying being there and being IN it – getting the insider tour from our own (Austin) samba school director, sharing beers with the group in random places (I don’t even like beer!), seeing some great bands in Lapa at Teatro Rival and Circo Voador, wandering around the Uruguaiana district hunting down future costume baubles, and striking out to pick up our Carnaval costumes a bit more off-the-beaten-track (including a spontaneous bus ride and hike home hauling 2 full costumes for a mile or so).

As a result, I don’t have much to show for myself – I just didn’t feel compelled to take a lot of photos on our daily outings. Yes, we explored Lapa and the Centro and Copacabana and Ipanema, but I didn’t capture it all visually. I feel a little pang, like it’s something I *should have* been doing, but I didn’t really want to at the time, and I don’t really miss those images now, since I feel like I have a lot of mental images of the trip that will stay with me. So I guess this is a sort-of apology to all my friends and family who keep saying they can’t wait to see my photos…except I’m not really sorry, if that makes any sense.

Anywho, I did get some highlights, and I’ll share those below. Aside from that, I really only photographed 3 main things during the trip: the Escadaria Selarón (which will enjoy its own post soon), and the 2 nights of Special School parades (one we were in and one we enjoyed from the audience). With the parades everything was in constant motion, so I wound up shooting video as well as photos, and I have no idea how to share that with my world. Maybe I’ll try to cut together something in iMovie…TBD.  For now, highlights!

Awesome street art. If I hadn’t been running to keep up with the group, I would’ve added my own sonho (dream).


I always find a graffiti Naomi in every city I visit.


Lovely wrought-iron gate and gardens by the Museu da República.


Art Nouveau façade in the Centro.


The old Foundry in Lapa (now a music venue).


The Cathedral (mostly open-air!)



All signs point to…


Award-winning sandwich shop (Cervantes) around the corner from our apartment.


Favorite wacky menu translations. Shrimp breath! Without Alcoholics…



Paper-towel brand we were using at home.



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