Mosaïcultures – True Story

We did, we made it to Mosaïcultures! There was a rich assortment of pieces featured, and I’ve decided to share some of (what I consider to be) the main ones each in their own post and then do a miscellaneous post later next week. Today’s feature – “Une histoire Vraie!” (“A True Story”) – an entry from China. This story is nicely summarized here (thanks, Albert), so you can read it for context if you like. Otherwise I will let the woman and her cranes speak for themselves.

Here is the sketch of how the piece would be.


And here is the panorama of it in real life. I was careful to keep people out of my photos whenever possible, so it’s hard to get a sense of the grand scale of the installations, but you can see trees and buildings in the background sometimes, which should help put things in perspective.


Here is a fun shot of our lady being watered.


The upkeep on these pieces must have been a ton of work – we saw gardeners watering and painstakingly clipping (as below) on several of them. With one week left to go on the exhibit, they were still preserving the beauty with as much care as they would have done at the beginning of things in June. Doesn’t it look like the crane on the left is supervising the work?


Here is a close-up of the lady and her crane. I love how they managed to get the feeling of draped fabric out of greenery on a wire frame.


The color variation in the plantings was great also. And the attention to detail – I love the flower on her hair.


Lastly, a close-up of the cranes so you can appreciate how they used different plants and colors to achieve a very lifelike effect.



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