I’ve been extremely fortunate the past 12-18 months in terms of the art and exhibits I’ve had the chance to see. You may remember my recent trip to Houston, and how I ran across some amazing art at the last-minute just by a wee bit of internet exploring before heading out the door. Well, the same thing has just happened with my upcoming trip to Montreal! (Oh…yes…if you were wondering about the outcome of that decision-making process, I decided to be spontaneous and just GO already.)  I did a bit of Googling on what to see in Montreal, hopped over to the Museum of Fine Arts website to see what exhibits were currently on, and saw this.

Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 3.53.37 PM

It’s true – somehow the universe has smiled upon me in a huge way, and there is a major Chihuly show going on in Montreal at the same time as Mosaïcultures!
I can’t believe my luck here – as last year’s trip to Dallas proved, I adore Chihuly.


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