Nichole Robertson & Famille Summerbelle

In a random series of web-by events, I started out looking at Nichole Robertson’s Paris in Color book on Amazon earlier…linked out to the author’s blog…then her Etsy site, The Paris Print Shop, (both worth extensive exploration in their own right)…and randomly happened upon this amazing Parisian map papercut by a husband-and-wife artist team known as “Famille Summerbelle”.

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 11.24.21 AM

Obviously I had to go visit the source site…and found it replete with gorgeous and painstaking art.

Yes, I am obsessed with papercut art, as evidenced by earlier posts (here and here). I think this may be because it is so intricate that I cannot imagine having the patience to create it. I picture myself getting 85% through a project, making a wrong cut, and throwing my X-acto knife at the wall in frustration. And that’s the best-case scenario… But these wonderful people have the design sense and drawing skills to create a beautiful map, and then the patience to execute the papercut as well.  You can enjoy a “making of” film of their San Francisco papercut below.

Do I have any open spaces on my walls right now? Heck, no! I even have a backstock of prints galore from assorted places and people stored in a portfolio for some future time and home that afford me more wall space. But who could possibly resist three of my favorite things – Paris and maps and papercuts – wedded in polygamous creative bliss? I might have to get this, even if I do wind up settling for the more affordable lithographic print or screenprint version.


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