A woman I went to grad school with back in the day posted some amazing photos on Facebook earlier this week, which caused this particular crazy lady to start plotting how to get to Montreal in the next 6 weeks. Plan A is to nip up there from Miami when I go to FL for work next month…though that seems a bit unbalanced, I will admit. Plan B is to pout and accept I’m probably not going. But last time it happened in Montreal was ten full years ago…!! Obviously I haven’t made my peace with plan B yet.

Anyway, this is the event – Mosaïcultures – and it’s a giant assortment of creative and inspired gardens and floral sculptures and the like. Guess what else? It’s sponsored by Qatar Airways…yet another intersection of life. And I so want to see them in person…but getting up there by September 29th might be a stretch. *Le sigh.*

What are these creations that compel me to ponder squandering thousands of airline miles for a brief jaunt north? Just look.






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