Art at Rice

I found out about Soo Sunny Park‘s exhibit “Unwoven Light” in May, and I was intent on going to see it – I was even willing to drive round-trip to Houston for the privilege (though if you’re going from Austin the Megabus/Metro combo is a stellar option as well). The great thing is that the Rice Gallery is free to the public! The slightly less great thing is that their hours are Monday through Friday, 10 to 5…and I was desperately low on vacation time after my April trip. Was I willing to use a whole day when I had precious few left? Probably not. Was I willing to pay for a hotel to use just half a day and stay over? Probably not. It is, after all, one installation only, amazing though it seemed in photos. But then the stars aligned – I wound up doing some extra work on weekends in June and earned a little extra vacation time AND one of my samba sisters moved to Houston for work in July. All of the sudden it seemed like a great plan to take a half-day, head to the gallery, meet up with her for dinner and a visit, and return home the following day.

And so it went! Below are (an overabundance of) photos I shot of the exhibit. (There are about a zillion other professional ones – along with videos – available to peruse online as well, you can see them and read about the exhibit here.)
If you get to Houston before August 30th, I highly recommend going to see it!


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