Yes…here she goes again, raving about old photographic techniques.  Alas, I am what I am. Which is a woman who nearly decided to go to Denver, Colorado for a wet plate collodion weekend workshop in early June…the week beforehand. Surely posting about tintypes is less insane than impulse-buying photography education?

I’ve always been keen on tintypes and their look. I’m intrigued by the process too, but it seems a little messy and chemical-dependent for my environment at the moment. I had a new surge of fascination when I came across some nouveau tintypes on the insides of aluminum cans at Sugar Mama’s bakeshop on South First. Here’s the one I bought – she is now a proud member of the pantheon of antique ladies in my bedroom.


I contacted the artist and begged for a tutorial, but she said her sister had spent years perfecting the process and they weren’t ready for a big reveal with the public. Perfectly understandable, but disappointing all the same.  (This is what led me to Google workshops online, and nearly head to Colorado instead.)  I even dug up info online and contacted a different woman who lectured on tintypes at Nerd Nite yearrrrs ago, to see if she would consider it. Again, ’twas not to be. And soon the pace of modern life distracted me from the idea, so I let it go gently, to be revisited at some future time.

Then what should I see when driving to work yesterday? A mobile tintype studio! Combining the best of historical photography with the modern wave of specialty interests on wheels. (Though they claim this is a harkening back to the itinerant photographers of ages past, it sure fits neatly with the recent trailer craze here in Austin – be they peddling foods, crafts, etc.)

This is it. Lumiere’s Travelling Tintype Photobooth.


I guess they usually hunker down near Lakeshore just east of I-35, but on this particular morning they were perched on South First. How fortuitous! I might never have known of their existence otherwise. I cannot wait to go in person and get a look at what’s happening in there. This photo from their website shows the essentials, but I want to see up close.


I don’t love having my photo taken, personally, but maybe once my samba costume for 2014 is finished, I’ll head over and immortalize it on tin. Perhaps I can frame myself alongside my showgirl of yesteryear who kicked off my recent tintype frenzy…


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