Tous les Jours

There are many reasons I am grateful to live in South Austin. In this particular case, it’s because I just found an Amazing French-Korean bakery in North Austin and if I lived any closer and actually went there tous les jours, I would definitely overindulge and would never fit into a samba costume again in this lifetime. I am well-acquainted with my capacity for bread and pastry consumption – a few months living in Paris will bring incredible self-awareness in this arena – and without the added component of walking miles every day to compensate, the results would be…size-able.

Tous les Jours  is a chain that started up in Asia and has since opened some bakeries in the U.S. Somehow Texas lucked onto the list with Cali, Georgia, Mass, and NJ. (I would like to point out that 3 of these 4 states are the ones where I have grown up, studied, and lived for the longest stretches of years – perhaps it’s a sweet conspiracy?)  Austin’s Tous les Jours is nestled in with Austin Karaoke on North Lamar.


It’s astounding in there. I’d say I was like a kid in a candy shop when faced with their products, but I don’t need a simile here – I was a Vija in a French bakery. What do they have? All. Of. This.  (And a pastry case of cakes, which I didn’t even glance at.) Appreciating the classics, I picked up a chocolate croissant and an almond croissant. Then I started ogling the Asian breads (melon! green tea! red bean! sesame!) and limited myself to “just” green tea and melon. Then I spied something extremely tasty-looking called “Soboru”. I asked the girl putting out fresh pastries what “soboru” meant, and when she said “This is Peanut Butter” I think I may have let out a wee yelp of delight. I seized one, and put back my melon bread. (They are all encased in plastic, never fear.) In the end, this was my first selection from Tous les Jours.


I’d say I’ve been fairly restrained – a pastry a day on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so far. We’ll see if #4 makes it to Tuesday morning or if Monday tea-time wins. I’m sure they are tastiest when at their freshest (they bake every day), but they do last in the plastic, so it is possible to ration them. Self-control is the limiting factor.


One response to “Tous les Jours

  1. Whoa, Crazy we got an Asian chain in TX of all places.

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