Black cats

For those of you interested in hearing about (or seeing photos from) my recent trip to France and Morocco…the time shall come. It might be a while, though, since I came back to an insane work and dance rehearsal/gig schedule.  In the meantime, a friend of mine posted this link about a Hollywood black cat audition from the 1960s on Facebook recently and it tickled me to no end.

For comparison’s sake, this is my black cat, rolling around on a vintage sequined dress – fortunately I had decided it was headed back to Goodwill prior to this event.





She likes to chew on electrical cords to get my attention and get me out of bed in the morning. That’s about as close as we get in our house to any object that is long and string-like. The idea of convincing her to pad about on a leash inspires hysterical laughter in me. But here they are, oodles of black cats on leashes! So well-behaved, it’s mind-boggling.


That one with white nose and socks in the middle didn’t get the memo – BLACK CATS only.


This is a bit more true to reality as I know it. Expect the unexpected, lady.


(The above three photos were taken by Ralph Crane and originally published in LIFE Magazine.)


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