Sketchbook Project II

By Day 2 of my visit to the sketchbooks, I had decided to get involved and actually contribute a sketchbook to the 2014 tour. I chose the Northeast tour (you have to choose a region) – I think it would be a grand excuse to plan a visit back East next summer, going to see the sketchbooks with fellow family artists. Plus then I get to visit the Brooklyn Art Library, home of the permanent collection (where sketchbooks go post-tour) and the origin of this whole project. I went with non-digitized, since the price difference seemed significant to me, and I’m happy to document my own sketchbook when it’s done.

It’s a little bit funny…I just wrote a whole post about how amazing other sketchbook artists are, and how I can’t really draw, but after perusing so many sketchbooks on the tour, I realized that many people approach this as a standalone art project – kind of like a mini 5″x7″ exhibit – and that I am totally comfortable with. I won’t sketch for months and send that stream-of-consciousness product in, but I will plan out a cohesive art project and enclose it within the limits of this wee little craft paper book.

Since I’ve been focused on photography the last several years, I kicked off the day by choosing 2 “medium – photography” books. Neither of which included much photography. But again, the mystery book was fantastic! Michelle Geller (S93064). Collage, pen-and-ink, good thoughts…multimedia…hand-sewn binding. Cool.





A friend of mine from work wound up visiting the tour on my recommendation, and I ran into her there. She passed along a book that she found spectacular. It was a multi-media piece that featured the Holstee Manifesto – such great subject matter! Genevieve Anderson (S103593) – collaged, illustrated, plastic, metal, fabric…a little of everything. Even bubble wrap! Not digitized, so this photo will have to represent. Definitely a message I should take to heart…


Otherwise I really didn’t take a ton of photos on Day 2 – I figured the digitized books could speak for themselves. You can do your own perusing of the current and prior tours online here.


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