Here and now

I’m not a big drafter of New Year’s resolutions, so at the beginning of this year I limited myself to mentally renewing my daily resolution: live in the present. As a person prone to rehashing old events or planning ahead (sometimes eagerly, sometimes anxiously) for future ones, this is the thing I struggle with constantly. This time, though, it occurred to me that more than a Zen sort of “live in the moment” approach, I might like to try a “learn how to let go of past things and move on” approach.  Enter a lot of closet purging to the benefit of Goodwill.

One of the biggest things that I decided to do was shut down my art website, which highlighted a project I focused on intensely from 2008-2010 (then less intensely but still actively in 2011 and 2012). Do I still make visual art? Yes. Is it currently represented by that particular grouping of images? Not at all. That was a great series – a series that led to solo shows at various venues in Austin and EAST and WEST studio tour participation…but a series that has been wrapped up. Moving on!

But the universe has a great sense of humor. You know it’s true.

Exhibit A: Last week I heard back from an International Education anthology that I submitted some artwork to back in September of 2011. They are finally gathering all the submissions up and organizing the final draft, so they asked me to update my bio and share a little more information with them about my inspiration for the piece. First things first? Delete the website link at the end of my bio! Then try to reach back into the recesses of my mind and say something eloquent about what the heck I was thinking years ago when I created the art in question. I’m not sure when the anthology will be out, but it sure tickles me that it re-emerged from the mists exactly when I was patting myself on the back, congratulating myself on a job well done “shutting it all down” and closing that particular chapter.

Exhibit B: Sunday morning, when I woke up far earlier than intended, I wound up on my computer for the first time in a long time, browsing around the internets. It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t checked the email account associated with my (now retired) art website in some time. Although it usually only contains exhibit notices and other mass emails, I thought it couldn’t hurt to check and make sure that no custom orders had come in during my time away.  And guess what? One had. On January 9th. Then he wrote me back on February 15th to ask if I was still in business. The answer is technically no, but it’s easy enough to do a custom piece, so I decided this one – a wedding present – would be the Word on the Street Photography swan song. And though they aren’t my last words, they definitely seem a meaningful note to end on.



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