Kindled interest

Well, it finally happened. I actually bought a Kindle. After much opining on how I would rather read a book the old-fashioned way (which is still true), all it took was planning a vacation to Morocco on a plane where I have zero checked baggage allowance to convince me that carrying dozens of books in an item significantly smaller than your average Lonely Planet guide can be a good thing.
I would still much rather check out a library book and enjoy the feel of turning pages…the smell particular to old books…the occasional sighting of industrious little mites devouring everything from the inside out… But. The convenience in certain situations cannot be denied, and it was this that finally swayed me.

In a move that I choose to characterize as charming synthesis, but (I suppose) could be construed as a form of denial, I decided to create my own cover and clothe my Kindle in a modified old book. As I was browsing my shelves, I realized I had previously purchased an old book that had been modified into a journal from some very crafty souls at Pigsey Art, and that I could remove the pages and just use the covers and re-bind it my own way without having to actually pull apart an old (still readable) book. Not that I think all books are sacred – you may recall I had a grand old time “renovating” one into a book safe not all that long ago. In this case, however, this “upcycled” piece was an ideal solution – as you can judge for yourself from the book title.


One of the inside pages that Pigsey had left as front matter was too perfect not to include, so I used that as the inside cover. New plates? For 1902? Because the ones from 1897 were worn from use? Such a lovely 19th Century contrast to my 21st Century device.


For the DIYers out there, I liberally applied Mod Podge (glossy) to both covers, and made some elastic runners to snugly hold the Kindle in there.


All I had to do was pierce some holes on both sides and use brads to hold the elastic in place.


I also re-bound the “book” with thin elastic, and added a silver piece to hold it all closed when not in use.


Et voilà! Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. I even brag about it to strangers, which I’m sure they could do without. It’s just not everyday that a project turns out exactly the way you imagined it, with the finished product matching your design intentions in every way. And to be something you will use frequently? A form/function fantasy come true.


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