It’s been quite the hiatus, here on Ramble Lane. It was mostly a result of being sucked into a Samba wormhole leading up to and during and recovering from Carnaval season…with a dash of not much pressing to say thrown into the mix. Anyway, just when I was thinking – hmmm, not much has happened or come into my view lately that meets the “Eeeek, must immediately share this with my own little niche of the world” test, I went to a precious little café yesterday in California.

If you’ve ever spent any time in Encinitas, perhaps you’ve discovered the joys of Pannikin for yourself already. I had been to Encinitas last year, and to Laguna Beach (not all that far away) a few times before as well, and this was my first trip to this particular historical train station turned bakery wonderland…but definitely not my last. Things to recommend it:

The building itself, a renovated train station from the late 19th century.





The interior, full of charm.




Also full of old furnishings, like Singer sewing table bases…and an old wood stove as a coffee prep stand…and old, splintery theatre seats in a corner.




Also full of strange antique items hanging from the ceiling and nestled on the shelves.

Also full of (blurry yet) tasty baked goods.


This old scale seemed an unfair thing to hide in the corner of a bakery this good.


Seriously? I gained weight after one scone and a chai. You could probably gain weight just sniffing their perfumed muffin-y air. I choose to believe the blurry shots inside are just as much from a baked goods fog that blanketed the atmosphere as poor lighting and lack of flash…


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