A friend of mine from the Austin Samba School posted today about the Chilean-born artist Selarón, who was recently found dead in Rio de Janeiro. I wasn’t familiar with his work before this morning, but the wonders of the internet allowed me to make a brief virtual pilgrimage this morning to honor his creativity.
*Below are a few images I found online w/o copyright, artists unknown.




I am a sucker for all things mosaic (just consider the fact that I needed 3 posts to fully profile Philly’s “Magic Gardens“), so the discovery of his work was delightful. A labor of love that has gone on for decades, that began using salvaged tiles and continued with contributions from all over the world (just look at the second red paragraph that says “There are tiles from…”)


This blog post (source of the above image) was one of the first things I clicked on in my Google Images search – it is really thorough and has some great shots.

Hopefully one day I will make it back to Rio and will see this phenomenal staircase in person!


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