Winter wonderland

Recently a friend of mine posted a link to this NPR article (NPR-ticle?) about a “meadow” of “frost flowers” mid-ocean. Some beautiful things, courtesy of Nature (and Matthias Wietz, who captured the moment in photos). In honor of our few brief wintry days in Austin, I thought it would be fun to share.



Gorgeous, right? Something I would love to see in person. Lacking that opportunity, there’s nothing like Googling the term “frost flowers” and seeing what else comes up!  (An approach that both and I seem to have shared.) Look at all these glorious examples!

(Image credits in order – flickr users: crestedcrazy, Slomoz, cotinis, Slomozagain, Lotus Carroll.)

frost flower 1

frost flower 9

frost flower 6

frost flower 13

frost flower 3

Even some from Texas – not a place you’d first look for anything frost-related.
(Photos by Robert Chesser.)



And a time-lapse of some forming!


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