Arthouse facades

Saturday evening, the Austin Samba School performed on the lovely rooftop of AMOA-Arthouse in conjunction with all the special events happening along Congress as part of the Holiday Stroll. I’d heard there might be some projections, but everything was still being prepped by the time we started our first set. An hour later, when we were lining up for our second set, we were standing right next to the side of the building they were using as a projection screen. At first we were just commenting amongst ourselves – oh, look, cool, they framed the windows in light (we started paying attention around minute 3 of the below video). Around minute 3:40 of this video, when it started “snowing”, I yelped aloud in delight, Freaked out, and made a mad dash for my camera. I just loved the fake bricks, the snow, the ladies in bustles “walking” through the building. Such a nice effect.  Since the projections ran on a loop, I had a chance to get the whole thing on video – my favorite is still the snow and the people (look at the butler with his tray of holiday cocktails!) I could personally have done without the whole Dark Side of the Moon-esque sequence, but I guess they like to have something for everyone…
To see the video, click on the photo and you shall be taken to the Vimeo page.



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