As I mentioned in my last post on Dallas, one of my main motivations for heading up to the big D was to visit the Chihuly exhibition at the Dallas Arboretum. If you are anywhere remotely nearby north Texas and can get there, I highly recommend it – it’s on until November 5th, so you still have a couple of weeks to catch the spectacular beauty of these installations.

I had seen Chihuly’s work before, mainly in Seattle, and most of it looked a lot like this.

Classic Chihuly.  Gigantic, imposing, complex, each part small and intricate but contributing to an immense, mind-boggling whole.

What I loved about the show at the Arboretum is that the links between art and nature are explicit. Yes, this tower is incredibly large – just look at the tiny people next to it to get a sense of the scale.

Yet each individual piece of glass echoes the agave right in front of it as well.

The same can be said of many pieces in the show, in terms of shape, color, composition – the waterlilies in the Persian Pond are another example.

I know Chihuly has done a great many garden installations – in New York, London, all over the world – and I imagine some of the pieces in this one have appeared elsewhere before now. But many of them seemed to mesh so well with the Dallas landscape and flora that surely some must have been dreamed up anew to match their surroundings so neatly.

My favorite piece at the show was this one. Fairly simple compared to the show-stoppers, but something in the rhythm of the curves, the colors, the backdrop rushing of the waterfall, made it especially compelling to me.

A close second was this combination at the center pool – the contrast between the green waterplant in the foreground and the violet reeds in the background is lovely, not to mention the pebbles, water, and reflected clouds. Nature becomes a part of the art, in a way that changes from moment to moment depending on the elements.

There were countless other pieces that had their own appeal and impact, so I’m including the full gallery of my photos for your enjoyment here.


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