As a photographer dedicated to film and prints, I am endlessly fascinated by older processes as well. I have some family daguerrotypes – well, I  suppose they could potentially be ambrotypes…decide for yourself (see right).

I have always been especially intrigued by stereographs.  Here’s one I found at an antique/vintage store mere blocks from my house.

I decided to do a little online browsing and came across this web tool that the New York Public Library came up with – the “Stereograminator” – that allows you to make your own animated stereographs based on images in their archives! Kind of crazy…21st century stereographs. Definitely something to explore, though not on an empty stomach. Or a really full one. I don’t know, seeing all those jiggling images made my insides a little woggly.
(Here’s one below – you can imagine a whole page of them moving at different rhythms could be unsettling…)

from New York Public Library archive

And, of course, who should have a great web archive of stereographs but the Boston Public Library!  Most of them are black and white (well, sepia-toned), but here’s one in spring-like color.

from Boston Public Library archive


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