Sorted books

So I was on the Brain Pickings blog the other day (no surprise there!) and I came across one of Maria Popova’s bits of book spine poetry.  Followed some links back to see other examples, and arrived at the source of her inspiration: Nina Katchadourian’s “Sorted Books” project. Here are a few of my favorite ones…
(all photos from Katchadourian’s website)

Kind of makes me want to head over to UT and get naughty with their bookshelves…

Not to mention that Nina Katchadourian is full of strange and silly and whimsical and wonderful ideas – she seems to be one of those artists who has a kernel of an idea and instead of thinking “that would be cool…” and then forgetting it somewhere along the way, or getting distracted by something else, she springs into action and makes it happen, and follows the thread along whither it may lead her.  Her Seat Assignment series, including self-portraits (“in the Flemish style”) taken in an airplane lavatory using only a camera phone and available props (toilet seat covers, scarf, TP, inflatable pillow, etc.) shows this tendency perfectly.


One response to “Sorted books

  1. Love the Sorted Books project, thanks for sharing! The Seat Assignment is hysterical 🙂

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