David Zalben I

Wandering Lincoln Road in Miami yesterday, my friend and I glanced to our left by pure coincidence, and this is what we saw.

We paused, riveted. It turns out a local artist has been adding wire phrases to this installation every day for the past month, filling this storefront window (part of the Art Center/South Florida) with carefully twisted thoughts on love and sex and sentimental  life. (Twisted/crafted with pliers – not twisted as in “gee, that guy could use some therapy.)

The project is called “A Love You Can’t Live Without.”

It lasts from June 6th to July 16th, details below.

We happened upon it somewhere nearer the end, day 29.

He still has almost 2 weeks to add to his creation, though, so I made Carroll promise to go back and see it right at the end. I’m tempted to go see it myself right before I leave and see what he’s done in the last few days!

The artist is David Zalben, who does loads of this kind of wire art. While we were standing there, craning our necks every which way to read different bits of the sculpture, a man wandered into the window area and started tacking down the most recently wrought sentence.  Carroll tapped on the glass and asked him in a vague sign language if the work was his, and he assented. We then charade-bowed in homage.  Though the description said he adds to it every night, there he was, in the daylight hours! (And when we strolled by after lunching, he had added even more, maybe the holiday schedule gave him time/inclination to create under the sun rather than the moon…)

He has a chair and a fan in there, for resting moments, a journal for jotting down ideas, a harmonica for when the muse strikes…and of course the wire and pliers. Other than that, all is looping phrases of wire wisdom.

Here are some detail shots of particularly interesting bits.

And a couple from further away so you can get a little more of the big picture (pardon all the reflections on the glass window.)

Coming across this was such a delightful art surprise. This is the sort of thing I might read about online or hear about on NPR and make a deliberate plan to go see, even if it was partway across the country, so just to be visiting with a friend, catching up on news, and to look over and see such unexpected beauty and inspiration almost accidentally – I am truly grateful.


One response to “David Zalben I

  1. My how wonderful-thank you!!! I found out about your blog through your friend.

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