Magic Gardens III

In case you missed posts I and II about the Magic Gardens, you can peruse them here and here.

This time I’m sharing photos that show the level of detail involved in the installation – some close-ups.

One thing Zagar does that I like is pay homage to prior mosaic artists who preceded him – Antoni Gaudí and La Maison Picassiette (a mosaic-covered house near Chartres, France) are two that I recognized from my own travels.

And here is a window mosaic – cool since the light can shine through the stained-glass and give it a dimension that the ceramic mosaics on the wall don’t have.

This was one long “Philadelphia”…but given the wall placement I couldn’t fit it into one frame, so I shot 2 and collaged them together.

My dad had these plates when I was little.

A memorial to 9-11.

A vírgen watching over the Gardens.

Mosaic people and miscellaneous parts. I think my favorite is the first, where the man and left arm are on the column in the foreground, but the right arm/hand is a big mosaic on a fence in the background…yet somehow it combines to give you the feel of a whole body.

I like this face portrait too – with “ear” as a word rather than image.

Given the mirrors embedded in the walls, I took a few self-portraits as well.

And, finally, some detail shots of different walls.


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