Magic Gardens I

Whilst cruising up and down the Eastern Seaboard last week, I took the chance to pop over to Philly to see the newly opened Barnes Foundation. This post is not about that – it’s amazing…but I don’t have tons to say about it, and since photos are strictly prohibited, I have nothing to show about it.  BUT – on the way I stopped by the Magic Gardens for the first time ever.

I had been to the Eye’s Gallery on prior occasions – they have a floor mosaic by Zagar – but never to the Gardens themselves.  Talk about overwhelming, in a good way! If you’ve ever been to the Orange Show in Houston, this is like that…but way more detailed and extensive (in my opinion).  One man’s  – Isaiah Zagar‘s – obsessive creation.  You can see him discuss it a bit in the video below. I need to get my hands on the documentary, In a Dream, sooner rather than later. It seems it won an award at SXSW a few years ago – where the heck was I???

Since I took so many photos, I’m going to break them up into a few posts.  This first one will feature big picture shots of the building and “gardens”, and I’ll follow up later this week with some of I’s tiled wisdom and exhortations, and then some detail shots.


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