Cloud City

When I went to the Met last week, I took the advice of a friend and popped up to the rooftop to visit the sculpture installation, Cloud City.

First we looked at it from the outside and I took a bunch of photos, and then a bit later I went into the sculpture and did the official visit. Alone. My auntie has a fear of bridges and heights and realized that climbing around in a structure made of wire and acrylic and openwork iron steps was not within her comfort zone. Probably for the best!  At first I was mildly disappointed that they make you put all your belongings (all) in a locker, and won’t let you take photos from inside the sculpture, but after walking through it and realizing how disorienting it is – panels of acrylic (some firm, some flexible) as floor and walls, mirrors as walls, open space as walls – I understood the prohibition.  Sometimes you don’t really know which way is up.  Not to mention it’s sobering to have the monitor say “wait, that pod can only handle 2 people’s weight” and hear the creaking acrylic floor under their feet while waiting to enter a room. It caused that rollercoaster-y sensation in your stomach. Those people who hang out on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower in a glass box are insane.

My photos are below. And you can see photos of the installation process, which are fascinating, here.


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