Cuba – Cementerio de Colón

Despite the fact that I wore a lot of black in high school (what art/theatre nerd didn’t?), I’ve never fallen under the category of “goth” in any way.  I do have an extreme fascination with old cemeteries, though…maybe that counts.  I think it’s because the statuary is so interesting, especially for black and white photography, and because they are such quiet spaces. Even in the middle of a hectic city where salespeople and bold men shout and/or stare at your obvious touristy self in the street, you can enter a cemetery and find a contemplative place where you can meander around without being bothered, reading little bits of history and thinking about those who came before.

I spent many a happy hour exploring Mt. Auburn in Cambridge, Père Lachaise in Paris, Recoleta in Buenos Aires, and recently Colón in Havana.  Although I’m not posting black and whites (too much scanning involved!), I will share below some of the color shots I took in Colón in this most recent post in my Cuba series.


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