Cuba – Founding Fathers

This is probably one of the most iconic images you ever see of Havana. Being there was sort of like seeing the Eiffel Tower the first time – I took multiple photos even though the actual image didn’t change much.

Then there’s my favorite series – I like to think of it as “Martí in the darndest places”.

In Habana Vieja, hiding behind metal shutters.

On a weedy corner of a neighborhood just outside the gate of the Cementerio de Colón.

On a handkerchief in the Museo in Cárdenas.

Scattered around Cuba on busts and murals and the like.

And, last but certainly not least, the enormous monument to him in the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana.  I like the mom and son gazing at him in this photo.

Some Che.

(The guy next to Che in the beret w/ the cross was the owner of our casa particular! I heard some war stories my first night in Havana…)

Some Fidel.

Some Camilo.

Some of each.

General Calixto García by the Malecón, facing down epic waves as he faced down Spanish troops during the War for Independence.

One last intriguing image – these shoes are all that remains of a statue of Tomás Estrada Palma on the Avenida de los Presidentes (as seen from my bedroom window)…pulled down by Castro’s revolutionaries, who believed his policies enabled U.S. interventionism in Cuba.

This doesn’t even count the revolutionary signage with their images, which will likely be the subject of my next post.


One response to “Cuba – Founding Fathers

  1. Pretty cool pics. Are you sure the woman and boy were a mother-son duo? ; )

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