Greenwich Street Stairs

Second only to the Filbert Steps in my book are the Greenwich Street Stairs. The same site that features Filbert also profiles Greenwich…and below you can enjoy my photos. I started with Coit Tower and the views there, and then worked my way down.

What I need to do is branch out next time and explore some of the many other staircases hidden away in San Francisco – full listing here. I love Sister Betty’s rating system:

***** – Outstanding stairways – Don’t leave the planet without seeing these stairs. (Both Filbert and Greenwich top this list.)
**** – Nice stairways with unique features or views.
*** – Good if you are in the neighborhood or out doing a stairwalk.
** – Not Anything Special.  Stairways that you might consider if you are on stairwalk but won’t find on postcards.
* – Stairways you’ll only see if you have the misfortune of dating someone who lives near them.


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