We’ve all heard stories on NPR that grab us and keep us enthralled, even when it’s time to get out of the car. They didn’t come up with that catchy “Driveway Moments” phrase for nothing.  But this one didn’t just catch my attention for the few minutes of airtime it occupied – it made me pull the car over, take notes, and do some web follow-up the next day. Maybe it’s because I can’t imagine not seeing color? Or maybe it’s because it’s amazing that technology has come so far that this man can “translate” color through another one of his senses? Or his half-Spanish, half-Irish heritage? Or that even though he is colorblind, he went to art school and got a special exception to do all his work in greyscale? Or that he was drawn to study color theory, something nearly everyone else takes for granted, but he can’t naturally grasp?  Or that he stubbornly persisted in wearing his “eyeborg” in his new passport photo, and being officially classified as a “cyborg”?  There are endless intriguing facets! Whatever the reason, here are some links I came across in my search.

His own website, which has both visual and sonic art, as well as an endless list of TV and radio features on Neil.

A very short interview with Neil (in Spanish).


For those of you who don’t understand Spanish, the Discovery Channel profiled him as well.


If you want to hear a longer interview (in Spanish)…Go figure! A TEDxRamblas talk by Neil. Damn, TED-minded people are just everywhere I want to be.


And finally, if you want to know what it’s like, depending on your type of colorblindless, there’s a simulator here.

From - Causes of Color - Visual Simulator


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