For all the control freaks out there…

My name is Vija, and I am a (bit of) a control freak.
(I think this is where you all chorus “Hi, Vija.”)

Now I’m supposed to say something like “I wasn’t always this way…” – but, let’s face it, I was.  I was kind of a bossypants as a little girl (thank you, Tina Fey, for labeling that so spot on for the rest of us), and then I had a shy period (but my inner control freak reigned supreme), and then I pretty much kept it up on into college. That’s why this post recently featured on WordPress – “The Crayon Fascist” – entertained me to no end. You should read it, I dare you not to laugh (and/or relate deeply!)

Thanks, WordPress

The good news is that I would say I have learned to let go more and more as I get older.  I credit this not just to acquired “wisdom” as I age, but more to the experience of studying and living overseas, where you learn quite quickly that  you can’t plan everything. And that it’s a lot more fun not to sometimes. As with my art, I try to think of my life is a work in progress…and I am trying to focus on the process rather than the product. Less control, less perfectionism…go!

P.S. Allowing an artist to tattoo a fairly large piece on my body recently also tested my inner control freak. It’s kind of like a giant trust fall with lifelong implications! ; )


2 responses to “For all the control freaks out there…

  1. I can be a little anal about certain things like how people open the inner plastic bag of cereal. Or when people tear things that can be opened in a neater way. Glad you’re not too much of a control freak anymore. 🙂

  2. Hi! I just saw this link on my stats page and I wanted to say THANK YOU! I sincerely appreciate the referral, and the nice words.

    God love ya for getting that tattoo. I hadn’t before thought of getting a tattoo as having to relinquish control. But, WOW are you right! I’d have a terrible time not telling the artist what he or she *should* be doing!

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