I’d like to think that few stereotypes about women apply to me wholesale…but a love of shoes is one that does.  I have always been enamored of shoes, and I have said on more than one occasion that if given the choice of one little black dress and endless shoes as a wardrobe to wear out on the town vs. many dresses and one pair of classic shoes, I would take the one dress and shoes, shoes, shoes any day of the week. Luckily I am able to sustain my habit (shoes can be a powerful drug, don’t let anyone tell you differently) without spending loads of money because I live in the good old U.S. of A., home to bargain stores and outlets and such. Some of the coolest shoes I have came from DSW, or the Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshall’s mega-conglomerate, or a discount website, or even a local Goodwill or similar establishment (Buffalo Exchange, thrift stores, etc.)

Anyway…today’s post is dedicated to some of my favorites. This may be my most frivolous post to date, but I know there are many ladies (and some gents!) out there who will get a kick out of me showcasing my kicks. ; )

*This started out as a short(ish) list, but then I kept thinking of reasons to include certain pairs, so the gallery below may have gotten a bit out out of control.  I’ll be somewhat coy and say that these aren’t ALL my shoes, but I won’t say what percentage they are, lest you compare me to Imelda Marcos.
I do have some shred of willpower.

From a tiny boutique in Rome, only showing the work of one designer (Elisheva). The entire place was color-block heaven. This pair was on clearance because it was the last of its size! My auntie treated me to them as a belated birthday present.

From the Goodwill, totally new for only $8.99!  Teal t-straps with dark wood heels.

From DSW, a most lovely and impractical color, but the layered lucite heels made them irresistible despite this. 80% clearance was the deciding factor. I wore them this summer at a gala for drag queens and got many compliments.
A girl likes to fit in, you know?

From Marks & Spencer in Qatar, a bit of a splurge, but the color snared me. And I love to buy shoes when I travel, because it means when I come home no one else will have anything like them. (And the brand name is “Shoes, shoes, shoes”!)

Ok, true confessions…these came from a stripper website, which I came across by accident when looking for vintage 40s heels on another innocent site (and following a link or two…) But they are wondrous. I love the blue satin.

These did not come from a stripper website…but they might as well have. Steve Madden!

These are new, I got them over the holidays and probably can’t wear for another few months due to their summery nature.  They kind of make me want to wear a basket of fruit on my head at the same time.

2 pairs of the same shoe in different colors (black/gold and pink/white). This is what happens when you can’t decide and the price is right. Seychelles from DSW.

From the St. Vincent store, $10 marked down to $5, and I have worn them a ton recently.  I get fancy sometimes.

Booties from TJ Maxx!  They make me feel like I should be strolling through the halls of Versailles or something. (This photo is ugly with flash so you can actually see the satin/suede fabric contrasts.) The bottom of the shoes is silver, which I love – though who ever sees that?

From DSW, cool black and white pattern and super comfortable. Thanks, Liz!

From Buffalo Exchange, such a great grass green color.

Magical silver dance shoes I bought for samba but don’t wear because my section of the school must wear flats. Maybe I should take up ballroom in the future so I have somewhere to rock these suede-soled lovelies.

From Nine West, currently on display in my bedroom as a piece of art. I’ve worn them a couple of times, but they aren’t the most comfortable.  Look at those pale wood heels, though!

From Savers, also currently on display in my bedroom as a piece of art.  They were half a size too small but the fabric was so gorgeous, and they were so cheap ($6 – new!) that I had to bring them home anyway.

A startling discovery I made recently at Target – I can fit into a size 5 girl’s shoe!  Strange, because my feet are not tiny, but this means I now have even more to choose from at the store (uh oh…) And kids get some of the best and brightest colors out there, so I can see this being a good place to look.  Luckily they often cost less, since they are made for little people who may grow out of them quite soon.  Here is the style that I liked enough to check and see if there was any remote chance I could fit into them (and lo! I could!) Now I just have to decide which color to keep…


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  1. Dr. Mendelson! This is one of my favorite posts. Shoes glorious, shoes!

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