Architects of Air

A friend and I thought we were so savvy, showing up for this exhibit on the Sunday after it opened at 10:30 am…only to be surprised by a zillion kids in strollers and a 2-hour wait.  Unfortunately we couldn’t wait that long that day, so I decided to take some time off work last Wednesday morning and try at a time when most kids would be in school.  So absolutely worth it.

I wish I could have stayed all day long – every time I wandered in and out of a room, the light had changed and there were new images awaiting me. This is actually an “edited” set, only about half of what I shot – hopefully they can convey some small percentage of the magic felt in the installation.

I went onto their website afterwards to read about the design – there are different versions floating around the world – and this review put into words something I felt while in the installation…but didn’t really intellectually connect before.

(Architects of Air) takes Moorish architecture as its starting point and then, as Gaudí did in Barcelona a century or more ago, turns it into something highly organic and distinctly ambivalent. Not that Gaudí would have recognised it.  What Parkinson has done is treat the inflated object as an immersive art experience, in which light, sound and architectural form combine.
– Hugh Pearman, Sunday Times

I am fascinated by Moorish architecture, and Gaudí is one of my favorite artists of all time…no wonder I LOVED IT!


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