Head in the clouds

Have you ever had a great idea that you thought of on multiple occasions, yet never followed through to make it happen?  I was getting frustrated about this tendency late last fall, so I finally jumped into a project I had been playing around with for months.

Here it is (ta da!)…a constantly evolving image bank of clouds.

The below text is from the “About” page of my cloud project’s website.

A couple of years back in Miami, gazing up at the sky through my friend’s sunroof, I had the idea of creating a “cloud bank” of digital images.  At the time my mum was doing a lot of paintings with cloudy bits, and I aspired to be able to give her a library of great source images.  Her birthday came and went, so I redirected for Mother’s Day…and then Christmas…and then her birthday…and then Mother’s Day…and here we are.  I’ve taken some shots, but it’s much more common that I look up, think “that’s a great cloud”, and keep moving. Not carrying my camera around on a daily basis contributes to the problem.

Aside from the gifting impulse, I really do want to focus on looking up more often from daily life, on a bit more cloud-inspired daydreaming for myself. My intention is to post regular images of clouds and related tidbits, and the online “accountability” of this microblog may be just the catalyst I need.

Photographing clouds is certainly not my revolutionary idea. Neither is sharing them online. Other people have done it for longer, and probably better, than I will here.  You can see one particularly exceptional example of this at the Clouds 365 Project website.  I’m not aiming for anything so ambitious…just a modest little cloud bank of my own.


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