Béatrice Coron

One lovely outcome of cruising the intertron looking up fun facts about Rob Ryan is that I came across another cut paper artist whose work is also magnificent: Béatrice Coron.  She refers to her work as “cut stories”, and they are truly magical. My entrée into her body of work started by looking at her cut paper dresses (some favorites below, all images from the artist’s website). I wish that when I looked at Tyvek, this is what I saw in my mind’s eye…

Look at these clocks…and their great shadows!

You can watch her work here – stop motion, so a lot gets done very quickly!

And – wouldn’t you know it (we seem to share the same good taste on multiple occasions) – Béatrice Coron was also a TED speaker in early 2011. So you can listen to her talk all about her creative process, which is fascinating. And you can see her wondrous Tyvek cape fluttering along with her.

Finally, I’m always intrigued by how cut paper art, which is theoretically a very delicate product, can be turned into cut metal art, which has the strength to endure for decades (even centuries?)


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