Although I have spoken with many a transplanted Texan recently and listened to them delight in the absence of snow in the cold months, I have to confess that I miss it a bit. I don’t miss shoveling out the car, or skidding all over the road, or the dirty ice mountains that plows make in supermarket parking lots (that are often still there in April!), but I do miss the first snow of the season, the particular hush that falls over the world when it’s blanketed in a fresh coat of snow, and things shut down for a bit, and you can go out and give your inner child free rein.

The most snow I’ve ever seen in one place? An 8-foot fall in Reno, Nevada, on the way to Lake Tahoe.  The weirdest snow?  4 feet in Medford, Mass on April Fool’s Day in 1997. Good one, Mother Nature! The least snow that has (perhaps) ever closed down a business? That would be this past February, when this dusting (below) kept our office closed for the day. I can still see individual blades of grass!

Anyway…I know it’s hokey, but I’m really excited that I can make it “snow” on my blog for the holiday season in the absence of the real thing. Thanks, WordPress!


2 responses to “Snow!

  1. Thanks for making it snow with your words. I wish could enjoy more flurries in the winter here.

  2. *we could enjoy… Where’s the delete button on the comments? 🙂

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