Frost and Texans

Every year when the first frost comes, and I go outside and find frost flowers on my windshield, I remember this story that I’m about to share.  It still makes me laugh now, though I am much more acclimated to Texas living.  For your pleasure, without any editing, the original story from December 2005 is below.
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A (Texas) Winter’s Tale

(Not nearly so dramatic as Shakespeare, but so much more funny…)

So yesterday it was rather chilly in usually warm Texas.  So much so that people began cancelling appointments left and right (I had both a work commitment and a dentist back out on me due to the “severe” weather).  And I will say that it was rather crisp out, I even started to wonder where my trusty flannel-lined jeans had gotten to in the move… After work I went off to the movies with my friend Ilene.  We emerged to find the parking lot rather icy, and the car covered in a respectable layer of fused icy-sleety-mess.  I did what any northerner does when faced with such a thing:  got in the car, turned on defrost full blast, gave it a couple of minutes, and got out to start scraping away.  I tackled the side windows before the windshield (don’t we all?) and left the back window for last.

As I was finishing up, the man parked next to me called out “What are you scraping the ice with?!” and I (trying not to sound like a smart ass) said “umm…an ice scraper.”  I added “I’m from Mass, we’re used to stuff like this up there” to make him feel better.  As I turned to talk to him I saw he was hunched over from the cold, and his wet, frozen hand was clutching a credit card that he had been using to (try to) scrape his windshield clean. I took pity on him and lent him my scraper for a couple of minutes, and you have never seen a happier or more appreciative man.

this morning's frost & the infamous scraper, still going strong after all these years

As we were pulling out of the parking lot, we spotted another couple trying to clean their car off.  She was going at the windshield with what looked to be the butt end of a mini metal flashlight, and he was going at the rear window with the edge of a spiral bound notebook. I was tempted to drive around the parking lot for a while, just to see what other ingenious solutions Texans had for scraping ice off their cars, but it was late, and cold, and we went home.

Happy winter,

P.S.  This morning Ilene’s car wouldn’t start, so I had to pick her up and bring her to work.  And we saw 2 of her neighbors tackling their icy cars with credit cards too!  Now that would be an interesting explanation for your card not working in a store (“Is it demagnetized?”  “No, I guess scraping the ice off my windshield last week ruined the strip.”)


2 responses to “Frost and Texans

  1. I’m not a Texan, but I will admit…I used my library card to scrape the ice off my windshield this morning. (:

  2. Haha! I use my gym membership card…Got a pretty good workout this morning 😉

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