Stop and eat the roses

I can’t explain why, but rose is a taste that fascinates me. You would think that it tastes like licking perfume, but it doesn’t to me…it’s a very delicate and almost sweet taste. Over the years I’ve come across many different foods (often Asian or Middle Eastern) that feature this flavor, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites here.

Rose syrup

You can get this at the Shree Jee Indian Grocery in Austin (and I’m sure many others). I like to add it to lemonade (they do this at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse too), but this summer I saw some rose milk in the UAE, so I’m betting it would be pretty yummy added to milk or poured over vanilla ice cream too. I also bake it into brownies on occasion, thus creating another fantastic taste sensation…

Rose chocolate

You can get this delectable organic chocolate at Whole Foods (and probably Central Market). I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but adding roses (or ginger!) raises my interest level exponentially.

Rose Turkish Delight

The best flavor, in my opinion. They used to have it at the HEB on Oltorf, but that section seems to have disappeared in their reorganization. You can find a mixed box of rose and lemon at Fiesta (on Stassney). They also have Turkish Delight at Phoenecia Bakery, but I’ve only seen a mixed fruit option there.

Rose shisha

Arabic Bazaar used to carry this but no longer does, so my current supply came from a little Middle Eastern market in North Miami. I’m betting with the different hookah shops all around Austin you could find some locally, though.

Rose tea

I don’t think I’d be into sipping a cup of just rose petals, but I found this tea at HEB with rose added to Earl Grey that is lovely. Bergamot and roses, perfect together. (Or bergamot and bergamot…if you’ve never had the Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey, you should dash to Central Market now for a box!)

And I must mention the rose madeleine I enjoyed on Saturday while studying at La Patisserie.  Not very photogenic, but tasty indeed.


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