Creative thinking

You can think what you like, but I want this guy for a partner in crime!  Sketching out the main points:

  1. Conor Cunningham flies to Estonia in a very round-about way for an Estonia-Ireland soccer match. He does not have a ticket to the match.
  2. He tries to get a ticket outside the stadium, but the scalpers have marked them up from 14 Euro to more like 500 or 600. Egads.
  3. He tries to sneak in the media entrance, can’t do it.
  4. He sees an open door behind him and slips in.
  5. It doesn’t connect to the stadium entrance, but it does give him the resources to get in.  Because there’s a bag of balls and an Estonian warm-up suit in the room. So he changes into that and ducks past security.
  6. Does he go up into the stands in his disguise? No! He sits on the sidelines with everyone else in Estonian warm-up suits – the team. Next to the manager.
  7. He can’t believe his luck, so he shoots some video. (That’s him on the left, blurry behind the TV camera.)
  8. After 10-15 minutes an official notices how out of place he is, but all that happens is he’s moved from the bench to the the area behind it.
  9. After the game, he walks onto the field and congratulates the Irish players. At first they may have wondered why this random Estonian was so thrilled to have been thrashed, but he explains his madcap story (in his delightful Irish accent), and they can’t believe it.
  10. He continues off the field and crashes some interviews with the players post-game.
  11. He comes home with the experience, the video, and the Estonian warm-up suit as souvenirs, and recounts the whole thing to PRI’s The World.
  12. Countless others, tickled by his determination, creativity, resourcefulness, pure cojones, and unwillingness to take no for an answer, share the story with friends and online. I may be in the first wave of this.  I’m sure some also tsked-tsked and considered his actions shameful, and I am usually a fairly law-abiding citizen, but c’mon…this one gets a round of applause.

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