Shadow art

The Blanton Museum of Art here in Texas has an ad campaign that defines all the things “art is” – this began leading up to its opening, and continues on today in its gift shop – and one of the adjectives they used is “fleeting”.  I’ve seen few works of art more fleeting than the ones featured below (which I ran across online when browsing around reading up on street art).

(Above 3 images from Neff’s blog gallery. Many more on his flickr site.)

This artist, Michael Neff, rambles about NYC (and other urban meccas – Montreal, San Fran, Seattle, etc.) in the wee hours, chalking silhouettes of existing shadows, then photographing his work.  It seems few people are lucky enough to see the originals, though some do wander by at an opportune moment. While the photographs document his work, the chalk art is definitely fleeting…although I guess that could be said about chalk art all around the world. The main difference to me is that other chalk art I’ve seen is usually done in a very public (even touristy) location during daylight hours to attract attention from passers-by, while Neff’s pieces seem to be more for him and for those observant enough to notice something a little out of the ordinary.

Here he is in action, and here’s a fairly recent interview with him.

And here are a couple more of my favorites, featured on the Urban Omnibus site.


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