Street Art IV

I previously posted about my experience watching Exit Through the Gift Shop. During the first half of the film, there were a few artists whose work I found really interesting, and wanted to look into more.

Zevs – his shadow paintings in the film were cool.  I have a thing for shadows. When I looked him up online there were many pieces that weren’t really near and dear to my heart (lots of bloody, spray-paint eyes), but the originality of the shadows does appeal to me a great deal.

Shepard Fairey, creator of the über-iconic “Obey” image, has also done a series involving more complex, overlapping patterns and colors.  There are some of these in South Austin, which I have always admired.

And, of course, there is Banksy, who is critical, imaginative, prolific… While I respect what he’s done with a lot of his work, nothing made more of an impression on me than his series on the West Bank wall. To me there’s a lot more going on there than a simple “spray can prankster” at work, as the Guardian referred to it.  Think about what that wall means. And then think about those specific images.  And tell me it’s not powerful stuff.


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