San Francisco I

Last week I went to Brazil Camp (more about that soon), and my travel companions and I bookended the experience with a day on either side in San Francisco.  I love San Francisco!  One of my favorite cities.  Here are some highlights from the trip…

Best. Grocery. Store. Ever. What else do you need?

A window grating doesn’t have to look like prison bars.

Historic rails.

People enjoying the sunshine in Dolores Park.

Making art!

Cool “beaded quilt” at Lighthouse for the Blind.

Interesting sidewalk additions in the Mission.

Creepy, slithering snake on airport luggage carousel.

The tastiest bagel I’ve had in a long time. Mmmmmm…

The tragic side of Sycamore Street (think in Italian for a moment…)


One response to “San Francisco I

  1. I’m visiting San Fran again in a week. Didn’t make it to the mission area last time.. Hopefully I can make it this time! Thanks for posting! Not every one notices nor appreciates little things like day of the dead figures in street grates haha!

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