Outside Austin I

I am one of those (annoying?) people who always says that I love Austin but it would be challenging to live anywhere else in Texas.  Towards the end of August I wound up at the Fredericksburg “Trade Days” and have to share here some highlights of country living and shopping…in no particular order.

Wildlife in the country – not always what you expect

(To heck with stocks and bonds!)

A camel
(Ummm, out of place much?)

A fast armadillo
(I did not tell my friends at the time, I guess I’m telling you now.)

Metal birds of a feather

Assorted curiosities

No one comes to this club. Sad.

A rusty old register I kind of coveted.

Scary animal detritus.

Scary doll detritus.

If this was the *highlight* of the restroom, you know it was bad.

And the day would not be complete without a parting message…


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