Street Art II

Recently I posted about an artist (EINE) I discovered by reading this fantastic book I found at the local public library.

Roadsworth is another artist featured in the book whose work I admire for its ability to look at the commonplace and turn it into something beautiful.  He paints mainly street markings in Montreal – how did I miss these when there? Makes me want to go back!

Here are some highlights from his work.

His approach is whimsical, but at the same time rich in meaning, since he’s adding beauty to parts of the world which are typically very no-nonsense, “authoritarian”, and utilitarian.  That’s what makes great design in my opinion – being able to blend form and function in a unique way without sacrificing either.

Two of my favorite “pieces” are even more intriguing to me because they are very subtle and they depend so much on temporal conditions – if the sun were at a slightly different angle…if the tire skidmarks were a slightly different size…they wouldn’t make sense.

His website has a great online gallery of loads of his work, if you want to see more.


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