Street Art I

Sometimes when wandering through the library you run into something wonderful.  The most recent find for me was this book:

There’s something about graffiti (I’ve talked about this before here) and larger-than-life type that always strikes a chord within me.

Of the 60 artists, there were some whose work interested me so much that I did a bit more research about them, their style, their philosophy, etc. My original intention was to highlight a few in this post, with links to websites, and some examples of their craft…but I wound up digging deep enough that I decided two of them each deserve their own post.  Today’s is about EINE.

EINE focuses a lot of his work on type (without accompanying images), and it’s quite striking. Below is a U.K. nightclub wrapped in his giant letters.

Other favorites of mine are “key” words for a good life (in my opinion)…

And of course, I cannot fail to mention the splendor that is his alphabet street.

You can also enjoy more shots here and here. And see a micro-documentary about him below.

EINE and I would have the perfect symbiotic relationship, since he’s always obsessed with painting words places, and I’m always obsessed with taking photos of words, often ones that have been painted places!  It’s probably helpful here to link out to my own word project, which has been ongoing since 2008, for context.

Anyway, after I had that brain wave above, I found this quote in one of the book’s interviews:

“…Wherever I go I am always looking at walls and spaces, thinking to myself, “I wonder if I could get away with painting that?” Or, “Could I get permission to paint that?” Or, “Wow, a giant ‘Vandalism’ would look amazing there!”

Funny, because I could say almost the same thing, with a similar degree of intensity, but from the opposite angle.  I am usually thinking to myself “I wonder if I could shoot that word?” Or, “Wow, that giant ‘Vandalism’ would look amazing in a sentence!” Yin and Yang, EINE and Vija.

In my internet rambles, I just saw that EINE has been busy in San Francisco recently, which makes me even more excited about my trip there at the end of this month!


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