Here’s where I was this past weekend! Detailing a road trip to victory seems a fine way to kick off this blog.

Dallas isn’t really at the top of my list for a daytrip, but on Thursday I realized FC Barcelona was playing up there – one of only 3 games they play in the entire U.S. in 2011 – so I impulsively decided to join the crowds for the game.

The drive up was actually pretty interesting, since we went a back way that meandered through the Hill Country and several small towns and cities.

The route

The open road

Random BBQ sign
(Is it considered S&M for a pig to barbeque other pigs?)

Luckily we left some extra time, because the layout of parking lot entrances in relation to the surrounding roads has some major design flaws.  Game traffic or no, it really shouldn’t take more than an hour just to go a few blocks and get into a parking lot.  Eesh.  Attendance at the game was just over 60,000, so I can’t even conceive of the gridlock that ensues with a full house of 80,000+. Luckily I will never know, since football (American football) has never been at the top of my list of pastimes.

The stadium itself is impressive and sparkling, spanky new, and seeing the retractable roof closed and holding in clouds and clouds of A/C was glorious.

We arrived just in time for the singing of the U.S. national anthem.

Why they didn’t also play the Spanish and Mexican national anthems is a mystery to me, since those were the teams playing…

We wound up with some pretty great seats, although the crazy video mega/jumbo/hyperboli-tron (see exhibit A, above) was kind of distracting since it attracted more attention than the players on the field below.

Here are some highlights of the game:

FC Barcelona showing off jerseys with Qatar Foundation sponsorship
(such a crossover for my summer!)

The game begins

We love soccer…

FC Barcelona scores!

During halftime, the texting poll shows David Villa’s goal was the high point for many people…

With very little time left to go, FC Barcelona scores again!

I am a happy Barça fan. : )


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